The ICCSD in 2015

Guest Opinion

The ICCSD in 2015

2015 will the start of a new direction in the ICCSD. West High will have a new sports turf football field for $1.4M, a $30,000 monument sign in front of the school so that from the outside things will look very prosperous; but inside of all of our schools, a dramatic change will start incrementally – elimination of programs and curriculum such as German and French languages, 7th grade football, 4th grade orchestra, general music at the junior high level and so on. This represents the beginning of the pain which will be inflicted on our students and our curriculum. The board will have to increase its budget reserve as indicated by our financial director to 10% in order to open our 4th high school (Tate does exist). More programs and personnel will have to be cut in order to open new buildings with less opportunities in every building going forward.