District Cuts Curriculum but Pays for Road

Letter to the Editor – Daily Iowan

District Cuts Curriculum but Pays for Road

At a time when district officials are cutting essential curriculum for our students, they are giving handouts to developers.

On November 12, 2013, the ICCSD Board approved work on the South Elementary School Project. As part of the purchase agreement, the District agreed to fund the Daniel Place St extension to the tune of $500,000.00 using SILO/SAVE funds. Half of the money is a direct grant to a yet to be named landowner who stands to profit greatly from the District’s construction of a school adjacent to his property.

The other $250,000.00 is a zero interest loan to be repaid ultimately to the District by the current property owner or new property owner upon the sale of adjoining properties on the North side of Daniel Place St. Nowhere on this document does it mention who the landowner is nor does it firm up the length of the loan more than saying the loan will “ultimately” be repaid.

I have discussed this with several board members who have said they don’t know who owns this property or who is benefitting, yet they approved paying half a million dollars to an unnamed, apparently unknown landowner without any question.

Phil Hemingway