ICCSD Spending Priorities – February 24, 2011

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Iowa City, IA 52245

February 24, 2011

Cedar Rapids Gazette
Iowa City, IA 52240


Iowa City Press-Citizen
Iowa City, IA 52240

Dear Editor,

Re: ICCSD spending priorities?

The ICCSD decided it was too expensive to continue its Home Building Program which would have celebrated and built its 40th house this year because the $50,000 for the instructor was deemed too expensive. This was a disastrous decision and essentially was the first step in killing the Vocational/Technical curriculum in the ICCSD. But fear not, the district has its priorities straight. They spent $145,245 for a 2010 International garbage truck; approved $85,000 to remodel the Maintenance Shop and wash-bay of the Physical Plant; $30,000 to remodel Food Service drivers’ office and meeting room; $30,000 to insulate steam line tunnels in the Central Administration Building which has been sold to UI and is slated for demolition – although this expense may be deleted. Approved $34,000 for a Denver, Colorado consultant to show how the Board and the Superintendent should work together. Hired a Community Relations Coordinator for $48,000/year (this is a part-time position mind you) to communicate the District’s intentions to the community. Increased pay to Administrative employees. Just on these items alone, we’re at $372,245 which is roughly 7.4 full-time teachers or 7.4 years of Building Program.

The ICCSD Board needs to maximize dollars in the classrooms instead of “wasting” money in creating a Waste Department second to none in the State of Iowa.

                                                             PHIL HEMINGWAY